Wednesday, August 10


For the watermelons.

Last night I was digging around in my dresser when Michael walked in.  He asked what I was looking for and I answered, "I'm trying to find some kind of pantyhose for the melons".
"What color?  Will these thigh-high things work?", he replied.
 Yeah, we've reached a new level of *normal* in this household.

The garden is pumping out a TON of tomatoes, eggplant and peppers (Bell and sweet chili)..
The squashes, beans and peas are done.  I'm wondering if I should try another planting of green beans.  Just a few plants this time.
Planted another row of carrots this morning.  This will be the last planting for them.
The tomato plants look like absolute crap, but it isn't affecting the production.  I'll be able to put away a gazillion tons of sauce, paste, etc.

Brilliant sunshine and huge clouds..amazing weather

The *flat* part of my yard.  Ah, WV..

More baby Brussels!  Grow, babies, I can you!

NO idea why the boys were so cuddly this morning...or why Henry is sleeping on Strider's head.
Weird dog.
Obviously, he fits right in with this household.

Michael has Thursday and Friday off, works the weekend, and then his REAL vacation starts  :D
Time to start sorting the camping gear!!