Thursday, August 11

PSA and a babble

I'll get the PSA out of the way first.
My uncle J was diagnosed with prostate cancer very recently and had surgery yesterday..prognosis is very good, but would have been even better had he gone in sooner.
He didn't go in because of the embarrassment factor.  He put if off because he was scared of the results.
We should never, ever be embarrassment over  medical stuff.
Waiting to get testing can make the outcome SO much worse..
  Don't get me wrong, I'm not preaching here..I've had several *medical things* that caused dread and embarrassment in the doc's office...caused me to drag my feet...
Love yourself and your family enough to struggle through.

I owe a lot of my love of hiking, camping, fishing and hunting to uncle J.
I was his fishing buddy by age 5.
There's an extremely funny/disturbing photo of 5 yr old me, with my long golden curls (why do kids get good hair..they don't appreciate it), helping him skin a deer.
Ok, maybe he's actually kind of warped and that isn't a good example of how kick-ass he is. ;)

Speaking of camping, I still haven't purchased an air mattress.  Thank the gods for Amazon procrastination will be covered with free 2 day shipping.

I had to clean the pool and top if off yesterday.  The dogs got to swim quite a bit.
Henry is missing from the photos because he was being the Fun Police.  Not allowed, so he was escorted to the house.

Irie, with some Crazy on her face.

No post is complete without some Pig.  What the hell will I do this winter!?
Will my blog need to hibernate?

Pig looks like a ninja.  I better watch my back.

We worked in the garden for a long time.  Such amazing weather!  Cooler, lower humidity and a strong breeze.
The mini cabbages are finally forming heads.  I pulled up another blight-ridden tomato.
The watermelons are now wearing their thigh-highs.  Not the most attractive backyard feature, but ah well.

My cell phone cases have to be 1. rubbery/grippy and shock absorbing and 2. BRIGHT.  I lose the damned things everywhere.

Errands today, blech, but I do get to visit one of my favorite stores.
REI, here we come! I can spend forever browsing through all the camping goodies.