Tuesday, August 9

Hummers hate me

I see all these amazing photos of hummingbirds hovering by feeders or flowers...I have envy!
Apparently, my hummers know this and will NOT hover.  They either sit like lumps or zip by at 900 mph.
They prefer to sit like lumps on the least attractive thing around..like power lines.

"Oooo aren't we exciting..sitting like blobs. HA HA!"

"Great shot, lady.  Blurry blob in tree.  Your readers will swoon."

"Stunning power line shot!"
I know they mock me.

The dogs went crazy barking at 3:45 am.  At thunder.
Thank God they were here to protect us from... air.
We got some much needed rain and today is simply gorgeous.  Well, after the driving, pounding rainstorm while I was running through a parking lot.  I was with one of my aunties and we were cracking up..especially after the rain stopped when we got to the car.
See, it isn't a *me* thing...it's inherited!

My watermelons are growing! Miracle!  I'm all proud because I haven't yet murdered my melons.
We won't talk about the cantaloupe and watermelons of last year.

Still searching for an air mattress..I am seriously tired of reading air mattress reviews!