Monday, August 8

Another GHog Monday

Unintentionally, we're heavy on the Pig again this Monday.

I found a well ripened head of cabbage hiding in the back of the fridge.  Good for Pig, since she loves her some cabbage.

Your table manners leave a little to be desired, Pig.

Wow.  So much for ladylike bites, huh?

Pig, you eat like an animal.

"I've seen you eat cupcakes, lady..don't judge"

"Seriously.  Enough with the @#$%ing camera"
I'm beginning to wonder if most animal attacks aren't caused by snickering people with cameras.
I know that's enough reason for me to bite.

I keep telling myself the weather has cooled down...the humidity has broken...
Two out of three birds disagree.

Wings lifted away from his body, panting heavily.  Poor thing!

There is fresh water in the bowl..WAS fresh water. Hope the other birds don't mind a little dove butt.

I think we found our camping spot..Ohio, here we come.
Now to decide exactly what days.
Michael and I do nothing *on a whim*.  We prefer planning.
We can roll with change if we need to, but spontaneous is only comfortable with little things...a hike, a drive, etc.
I still haven't purchased a new air mattress..kind of a biggie for us while camping!