Sunday, August 7


Finally, the weather was nice enough (not 115 with 95% humidity) ..77 degrees with only 90% humidity!  It's practically fleece weather!
I woke everyone up early...most of the household was NOT happy about this.

Big whiner: Pippin, the pork fat.  As if his big butt is hiking anywhere except the food bowl.
 Pippin is a medical miracle.  He eats controlled meals and is still a chunk.  Our vets are baffled.  It makes me CRAZY.  I hate to say this, but he makes me laugh- Giant gut, tiny ass.  Watching him run away is hilarious.

Enough about PorkFatCat.

SO hazy and a little drizzle..not the best condition for photos.

As if that would stop me.

Michael decided to try and kill me for waking him up early.
Aside from a trail through the woods and around part of the lake (scrambling over logs and creeks and giant rocks), he decided we should walk "the big hill" (2 miles of paved Hell).
Trail is in here somewhere...

Walking by the lake..Mosquito Heaven.

Something was rustling around in these ferns.  I said miniature rabid bear, Michael said chipmunk.

" were you thinking.  Thighs..on fire."
Walking up this hill SUCKS.  It's a 2 mile walk, half of which, obviously, is WAY up-freakin-hill.  Plus, it's paved.
I hate walking on pavement.

Scared to stop my forward momentum, I snagged a few hawk shots while staggering uphill

Love the leg stripes.  

Cute flippered feeties!

Another hawk, more crappy photo quality.

He picked a great spot to hunt!

All teasing aside, we had a really good hike.  I missed it badly.
We're planning our first camping trip of the year (see heat/humidity mention above) excited!
We're sticking close to home but we have some great parks to choose from..the upper Ohio Valley is gorgeous and I never take that for granted.

Plus- if we have another nightmare camping trip, we can pack up and run like hell ;)