Saturday, August 6

Ok, campers...

and I really mean campers..I need some input.
Our air mattress died a spectacular death (don't ask) and I need to replace it.  ASAP.
I know some of you die hard outdoor folks scoff at air mattresses, but..this girl needs a little comfort.
Michael, Ultimate Husband, also feels strongly about having a semi-comfortable bed "since you insist on dragging us out here".
In his defense, a large part of the time when I say "HEY! I have a great idea!" we end up flooded/bleeding/surrounded by hostile wildlife.  If the situation was reversed, I would probably dart his ass and toss him in the closet until he forgot what the *great idea* was.
We had a Coleman Quickbed ...fairly comfortable but it only lasted 18 months or so.  I don't have high expectations for air mattresses, but 18 months?  We didn't camp that often.  Houseguests used it 3 times.
If you have a favorite ..share!

Camp coffee.
This is a BIG problem for me.  I think I'm percolator challenged.  I even broke down and searched Youtube vids.  I give up.  Either it's watery and hideous or you can eat it with a spoon from all the grounds.  What the HELL am I doing wrong!?
I tried this magical coffee pot.  It sucked.
An hour before your coffee was ready.  I can't wait an hour.

I'm considering this one.  I just can't handle not having coffee.
If I'm dealing with potential bear maulings, I need a freakin' good jolt of caffeine in the AM.
Got coffee tips?  Share, dammit.

Michael called me outside last night to show me this:

He accused me of setting a trap...because, ya know, I speak spider and this was my hit man.
Spidey foolishly built the web over the doorway. I felt bad for relocating him/her and tearing down the web, but we kinda need to use the door. ;)