Friday, August 5

Risking life..

and limb, I snagged a photo of just how close Pig is comfortable.
She's in her normal feeding spot.  I wandered down with the camera and had a seat on a rock while she ate.
I dump fruit and veg leftovers for the deer/Pig/whoever..this isn't her spot.  Try telling her that.

Tell me someone didn't raise her as a pet or tame her at some point.
She was entirely too interested in my ankle bracelets, so I fled.

I'm having one of those chick days, where you wake up and say "Oh dear God...that isn't ME".
I slept on wet hair, so I have a semi-afro with flat spots.
Allergies have given me bloodshot, puffy eyes.
I need a girlie spa day.
Kinda like this poor thing...
"OMG what the hell is that thing!?"

"Oh.  That's my reflection. Yikes."
 You're not alone, cardinal.  I feel your pain!

We're supposed to go out this weekend...dinner with friends.
I best get crackin' on the home spa stuff.

After I mow..weed the garden..clean the kitchen and living room..clean and freeze the green beans..make a pot of roasted vegetable ragu...
I don't use fennel in this recipe. I use fresh tomatoes and homemade broth.
Everything but the parsnip & shrooms are from the garden.  Kind of proud of that! :)
I use crimini shrooms if I have I'll use whatever is in the fridge (can't remember what shrooms I have lurking in there).

 Can't get enough of the sunflowers..too soon, they'll be done.

The marsh mallow is blooming.  I'm crazy about that pale, clear pink.

Enjoy your weekend!