Saturday, August 13

Of course...

as soon as I say we haven't seen her....

Pig comes stomping up the hill looking for food.

We have a routine.
Pig comes to the house..peers up the steps at the screen door..snorting and sniffing.
Dogs bark like maniacs.
I chase Pig with flapping arms and yelling.
Pig runs like hell to her den.
Repeat until I take the fruit and veg leftovers to the designated spot.

I used to worry about Pig and the deer eating "people food"..anything processed..that I was feeding the crows.
FYI, crows love pasta.
I stopped worrying about it.  We eat whole grain/organics/blahblah.  They eat better than most American families!

"Caaaaaarbs...I love carbs!"

"I love your organic 12 grain bread!"

"I'm not eating organic strawberries...I WANT CARBS!"

Pig feet. Terrifying, yet cute.