Saturday, August 13


Forget allergies.  I'm sick.
By yesterday afternoon, my joints ached and I was running a 103 fever.
You know, when I had the kitchen buried under tomato sauce/paste supplies and couldn't stop.
Typical, right?

I run an almost paranoid-clean kitchen, but after realizing I was sick it was cleaner than most surgical suites!  I was making sauce for other people, too: "Here's your pasta sauce..and some plague germs!  Enjoy!"
My hands are red from the constant hand washing.
3 gallons of plain pasta sauce (so we can add meat or vegetables as desired), 9 half pints of tomato paste and 8 pints of salsa.
I just got the last of the dishes washed when Michael staggered in the door with eight pounds..EIGHT..of strawberries.  The very last of the local organics from a farm we love.
He's alive because he didn't know I was sick (I was too busy to call and whine).

Once again, he earned the Ultimate Husband title..because he didn't put a pillow over my face as I grumbled and tossed and turned and bitched.
I'm not a good sick person.  Being sick pisses me off.

We did have gorgeous skies yesterday..and I managed to be outside (sitting on the steps sneezing and cussing) when the starlings flew over!
I know fall is coming closer when the starling flock appears in the evenings.
The photos don't do it justice.  There's a stream of hundreds of starlings...all you hear is the rush of's fantastic!

We haven't seen Pig for 2 days...normal for this time of year...but I still worry about her!
I told the dogs "Watch for Pig", so Irie and Voodoo are keeping an eye out the doors and windows.
I know most of you will be on PigWatch with me, so I'll keep you updated ;)