Sunday, August 14

It lives...

*It* being me.
I feel semi-human this morning!
I spent the last 24 hours in a haze of Dayquil and NyQuil, which I haven't taken in years..had no idea it was that ..ah..potent.
How is that shit over-the-counter legal!?
The Day formula had me so cracked out I couldn't sit still...
8 lbs of strawberries frozen or jammed, 3 lbs of blueberries and 3 quarts raspberries cleaned and frozen, 24 Bell peppers cleaned, sliced and frozen.
I love that moment while making jam when you realize the stuff is nothing more than sweetened lava.
My palm will grow back eventually.
I found myself sorting the storage container cabinets by size and color.
I couldn't stop scratching my eyebrows.
I mowed half the property.  Now THAT was brilliant idea.
Remember- do as I say, not as I do.
As a matter of fact, do the exact opposite of what I do.  You'll live longer and have less scars.
  Because I was 1. high and 2. running a fever, I felt it was wise to take the nighttime version.
Instead of knocking my ass out, I lay there drowsy and twitching.
Until 4 am.
Less than half the berries.  God help me.

This fall and winter, I'll look at my packed freezer and cabinets and feel content.  Right now, I'm just chock full of resentment.
Even though canning and freezing is my bright idea.

Note the deer-pruned hostas...

Looking for bugs under the pot...

Threatening a chipmunk..

He's a scary little bugger!
 I took a lot of bird shots yesterday I thought were great.  I must have had DayQuil goggles on!

Just for fun:

Pig, from July of last year: