Monday, August 15

Dramatic sigh...

Two nights of little sleep.
Last night I coughed and cussed and tossed and turned.  Michael finally bailed and went for the couch.  I don't blame him.
An improvement from the night before and the NyQuil twitching, though!
Forget that I have the plague...
We were supposed to leave today for our camping trip, but it's raining the next 3 days at our destination.
I'm not a Good Sport who willingly camps in a monsoon (and especially not with Plague).
All that fussing over air mattresses and locations and dates.
Ah well!

Yesterday, I took leftovers to the crows...but...someone was watching.

So much for the crows getting leftover baked beans and stale bread!

I love her desperate grip on the bun.  I feel that way about bread, too.

The turkey girls hurried through yesterday..with their poults! YAY!
Pardon the pic was pouring and I was in a hurry.

I haven't seen the girls in a while.  Thrilled to see them ..and the newbies.

I had to chase deer away from the garden early this morning.
The fawn triplets are doing well, fat and happy!  They were looking through the garden fence with interest, so I did my usual arm flapping and yelling.
I'm sure my neighbors think I'm batshit crazy.
Thank God they can't see me...they can only hear the insanity.