Wednesday, August 24

No hike.

but we're starting the day with electricity! Woohoo!
No hike today because of the rain.  It's much needed (and I'm thinking Rain Thoughts for all you suffering in the heat and drought), our poor WV trees were dropping leaves.  Dry, crunchy leaves.
I'm shopping for a lightweight, packable rain jacket.  My Kelty jacket is ready to fall apart.  Suggestions welcome!

Dark, gloomy..but we need it!

I'm scared to mention this...but..we might toss the tent and dogs into the car for a quickie camp trip tomorrow. Just an overnighter.  State park campgrounds should be pretty quiet!
Dammit, I probably hexed myself.  Again.

Yesterday was gorgeous...even being a Crazy Day didn't affect that. :)
One of my vulture buddies..there are 5 that roost close to our property.  I love these guys.
 However, I don't appreciate the times they cruise over me..repeatedly...when I'm laying on the deck in my swimsuit.
Thanks, guys, for making me wonder if I look/smell like a bloated corpse.

Nothing like sitting on the couch and seeing blue skies, the woods and...carrion eaters.

The garden is still going like crazy...
The Parisian carrots are almost 2 inches tall and the second crop of green beans are nearly 5 inches.
Unless we have some freak cold spell, we have plenty of time for harvest.

Michael is taking me to lunch today...he works closing shift again tonight. BLAH.
I'm going to clean closets.  Pray for me.