Friday, August 26


is awesome.
Camping with free wi-fi is more awesome!
YAYYY we made it camping!
Head's overload.

"Let's go let's go let's gooooooo."
  Don't worry, they aren't allowed to ride with their heads out when the car is moving :)

Ohio may not be so welcoming when they realize it's the Chaos Household.

Camp dogs!  They have specific beds for camping, and they know it.
7-8 person tent?! Only if you don't mind sleeping in someone's armpit.
 I firmly believe camping shouldn't be painful.  Queen size, double high air mattress!  Real pillows!

Most important, a screen room for the

Last night..all night.. we heard a barred owl RIGHT over the site, a great horned owl close by and a screech owl in the distance.
A pair of pileated woodpeckers woke us at daybreak, calling and hammering.
Hey, Nature,  shut up for five minutes so we can sleep! ;)

Our site is high on a ridge with gorgeous views out over the valley.  Maybe 5 other campers in the park,'s perfect!

I have never seen SO many tent caterpillars/bagworms.  They are horrible this year in the Ohio Valley.

We woke up to heavy fog, and strange noises close to the site....

Bears?  Bigfoot??
 Cows!  There's a fence down, and cows were just outside the campsite.  

That's all for wouldn't be ME if I didn't end up bleeding..or scratched up...or covered in stankass thick mud.
Note Voodoo's feet are clean and tidy?  He's the reason I'm bruised and mud covered.  Rock-hopping along the creek and SOME spotty dog decided to break his trail training and pull against the leash.

Enjoy your weekend!