Sunday, July 17


Two small victories for me...

Finally, a shot of the Indigo bunting.

I've been hearing them all summer...taunting me.
This morning, I finally got my chance (hanging out the living room window, once again, risking life and limb).
Not frame worthy, but they are identifiable..and that was my only goal!

The second victory?

After four years of FAIL, I finally grew carrots.
They are about 5 inches long now...I'm going to pull them today.
Check me out, all Farmer Sam over here. ;)
The carrots are in the super crowded, crazy bed.

Yep, carrots, ground cherries, green beans, eggplant, chili peppers and snow peas in the same bed.  All crowded to death and..for whatever reason..thriving.
Chaos Gardening!

I am sick of picking green beans.  They are prolific this year.  Insanely.
I'm not really complaining, because those frozen beans will carry us almost all the way through winter!

The party last night went really surprise for Jeremy.
Ashley is a goddess for pulling this off.  20+ guests and he had NO idea.  I couldn't have pulled that off.