Friday, July 15

It's a time warp!

I'm posting Saturday's post tonight because I have a few spare minutes now, and I won't tomorrow.  Pretend it's Saturday. Work with me here. ;)

Miserable heat and humidity again today, so the dogs got to swim for exercise.  Poor, sad dogs.  *snort*

These were taken with my Kodak z981 piece of garbage.  It's the camera I use for risky stuff, like hiking and dogs+water.  I truly detest this camera compared to my Canon.  Since I'm blessed enough to have several cameras, I'll shut up and appreciate that fact!!

Voodoo, you cannot walk on water.

"please stop screwing around and cussing the camera and THROW MY TOY"

"Sheesh.  Took you long enough."  Strider really was disgusting with me!

I cannot express how much water an Akita coat holds...or how silly they look shaking off.  Hee!

Not so silly.

We're invited to Michael's best friend's surprise birthday party tomorrow (er..I mean tonight.  If today was really Saturday.  Or something.  Now I'm all confused.).
I hate surprise parties (for me), because unfailingly I look like hell and I'm tired/ill/grouchy..and suddenly people leap out and scare the crap out of me..which leads to an adrenaline dump and makes me REALLY pissy.  And they have cameras, and YAY there I am looking like Evil Incarnate.
Evil Incarnate with bad hair and smudgy eyeliner.
Michael learned this the hard way, early in our relationship.  He and my friends planned a birthday party on the day I had a hard trail run.
I staggered in the door exhausted, sweaty and unhappy..when they jumped up and yelled, I let out a war cry and hurled my shoes at the nearest *attacker*.  Remember I mentioned my lack of Flight reaction?
Thank God they were good friends and understood I wasn't really trying to behead anyone with stank-ass trail shoes.
Surprise parties make me feel anxious, even if they aren't mine!?  Psychosis, much??
I'm excited to see Jeremy and Ashley and their adorable baby boy, though!

Enjoy your weekend!