Friday, July 15

Hey, let's traumatize Sam!

Last night, I crashed on the couch for a horror-fest.
I made a comment to Michael about sitting with my back to an open even a moth flying in would scare the pants off me...haw haw...

You see where this is going?

Michael left the room to get his work stuff ready for the morning and I settle in for the climax of the movie.
A few moments pass...tempo of the movie increases...
Holy crow, this movie IS kind of freaky...
(Insidious, for those inclined. Don't give me that scary movie snob garbage, either.  Zip it and enjoy whatever jumps you can.  Yes, yes, we know.  Modern horror is all crap ;))

The four dogs erupt into "Intruder!" barking and I whip toward the open window to see a hand reaching in.  Which grabs my arm.

I'm happy to report I did not pee my pants, scream or rip off my husband's arm.
I did start plotting revenge.  It will be epic.

Now, before anyone questions Michael's moral character for trying to make his wife pee her pants..he knows I like to get scared (note all the horror references in my blog).
He was smart enough to make sure Irie was crated.  She's an Akita. Scaring a 96 pound guard breed is unwise. He immediately let me know it was him.
You know..before I could make like a rabid badger and chew off his arm.

This was an enormous Win for Michael.  I'm hard to scare because I'm usually waiting for it.
And, since I have like zero Flight reaction, it's usually unsafe to scare me!
He took a risk and it paid big time.  For now.  Until my Revenge.
SO then...I go into shower.
I'm rinsing my hair- eyes closed -and I notice darkness pass over my face.
I think "That jerk is trying to scare me again.".
Annnd then something starts repeatedly flapping ON MY FACE.
I screamed.
Which, in a glass enclosed shower, sounded like a siren.
And I'm smacking off the shower door like a giant moth on a street light (I cannot imagine what that looked like from the outside).
That's what was flapping on my face, of course, a giant Evil Demon Moth.

"I have red demon eyes.. to burn out your soul!"

On that note, have some happy flower photos.

Michael's choice, burning retina colors.

More retina burning.

Odd shot, huh?

Please, Hibiscus, hurry and bloom!

Now I'm off to the fruit market, where undoubtedly zombie clowns wait to leap out of the peaches.