Tuesday, July 19

Garden babble

For a lot of us, this time of year means...garden stuff.  All garden all the time.
Dealing with garden pests:

Voodoo.. carrot dog

GAH! Spiny little tomato hog.

My poor tomatoes are being mauled my horn worms and fungus.  I'm filled with rage.  I might even break out the chemicals if this continues, and I don't do chemicals.

Gardening can make you feel like this:
One of my favorite gardening tees...obviously well worn.  Link below
There are always those folks who tell you gardening is easy...it's so relaxing...gets you outside and in touch with nature.  Part of those statements are true.
Anyone that tells you gardening is easy..lies!
Or HAS a gardener.
Or both.

"It is TOO hot for this.  Don't they sell vegetables at the grocery store!?"
 And then comes the overabundance of vegetables you don't adore, but you eat often enough to justify growing...but you think you have a family of 15 when really there are two of you...and..
Please God, make the green beans stop.

Then you spot crabgrass growing in the mulch.
Why hasn't anyone marketed crabgrass instead of all these fancy grass seeds?!
It needs barely any water to live, it's low growing, you can't kill it with napalm...
It doesn't even need freakin' dirt to grow.

 But, you catch a glimpse of this...and you realize you are feeding your family (with your blood, sweat and tears!)...and you're proud.  It's worth it.

Oh crap. I grew it, but now I have to clean, process and eventually cook this stuff?  What the hell kinda deal is THAT?

Gazing at your bountiful garden, you accidentally catch a glimpse of yet another Michael Flower..and momentarily ...you're blind.

Why can't this man buy ONE THING that isn't "Dear God, My Retinas!" colored??
But, he does not dress in neons..so..I'll stop complaining about his flower choices and just be happy he's not wearing it.

That awesome tee came from Michael at My Earth Garden.
Love the composter tees, too!