Wednesday, July 20

Roasted. Baked. Poached.

Estimated 115 degrees on Friday.
We were going to go camping.
If I'm expected to sleep in a tent in those better have a generator and portable AC.  Things could get ugly (things like my temper).  We're also not dragging our camping buddies out in that heat.

Our weather station had a new warning for us about excessive heat, reminding us to add at least 15 degrees to the apparent temperature if you're in full sun.
Good thing to remember!  You might be sitting poolside, but add that extra 15 degrees!

Picking green beans should not cause excessive sweating (and swearing)!

The dogs and I will be spending lots of time indoors in the air conditioning (one room has AC in this old house).  We'll be cooking everything on the grill, too.
Michael goes on vacation again tomorrow for a week.  This time, we won't be working outdoors as much. I see lots of swims and movies in our future.

My butcher's block this morning...loved the light!
A few daylilies, a gladiola and some herbs tucked into a coffee cup until I get find my tiny vases.
 The unsuspecting herbs are going into my dinner.  Poor fellas.