Wednesday, July 27

Bunting fails, cuckoos and shrooms

I am building up some serious resentment toward the Indigo Bunting.  He's here several times a day, but can I get a clear shot?
Big, fat NO.

He's so flighty...a butterfly scared him away!  I guess when you're electric blue, you're a prime target...but c'mon. A butterfly?
Get out from behind that grass, dangit!
I spend far too much time hanging out the living room window with my long lens.
Michael kindly requested I turn around when talking to him because "I'm tired of having conversations with your butt".
He just doesn't understand.
We finally get that ONE shot of a bird/animal/whatever, but...we need a better shot.  Just one.
Or, maybe I'm the only one dreaming of a Duncraft catalog cover. ;)
OH COME ON!  You could have sat there long enough for me to focus on you!!!
The black-billed cuckoo is still around.  I haven't seen it yet, but I hear it singing.  VERY cool!
I'm going to hang out in the woods today and try to spot it.

We made an Epic Dinner yesterday...several things we just love.  Nothing like hoarding calories all day to make me look forward to dinner.

Mushroom stuffing..stems, chili pepper, squash and bell pepper (and a little hot sausage)

Ginormous shrooms..that's a 10 inch blade.

They might look terrible, but WOW were they delicious.  We had to split one.
I grilled some shrimp (with browned butter to dip), Michael had a few scallops with this flaming hot sauce I concocted for the man that likes burning his face off and we grilled a few ears of corn.
Not exactly diet food.  I'm ok with that.

Finally, the tomatoes are getting ripe!  Voodoo knocked a few green ones off with his tail..he's a happy guy, it can't be helped.

The cypress vine is starting to and red stars all over the porch.
Love this annual vine!  Gorgeous foliage, huh?

Michael has been on vacation since last Thursday..we've accomplished a whole lot of nothing.  Exactly what we needed!
The heat kept us inside or in the pool...we've had a fantastic time together.  He goes back to work Saturday.  Boo :(