Thursday, June 2

Wolf spider vs. sledge hammer

Hammer wins.
My thumb lost, initially, when the spider chomped me.
I bit back with the 16lb sledge.
I don't normally kill spiders.  This was reflex.  The lesson here is don't piss off the one that wields the hammer.
After I killed one of them, the spiders sent out reinforcements.  They didn't care what species...

They just wanted revenge.

  We started the new garden fence yesterday.  Loving it so far.  It just blends better..and it's keeping out the #$%^ing groundhogs.  We buried a foot of the fence (horrible enormous PITA, but worth it).  Can't wait to get this done!

  Also started putting in the new edging around the fire bowl and deck.  Easy pound-in edging, my ass!
I guess if your soil actually has soil in it, it would be fine.  I don't know what I was thinking.

  Putting a short fence around the Crazy Bed outside my kitchen window.  The dogs feel it's perfectly acceptable to charge through the bed to bark at intruders (or oxygen).

  We're going to start on the area around the pool...God help me.
Michael came up with this project.  Lay down weed blocking paper, plant ornamental grasses in spots, lay down large flat rocks to help hold paper in place (in addition to those dinky stakes) and mulch over everything. It's a hillside, sweetie.  Should be fun.
As a side note, I hate mulch beds.  People will mulch half an acre with one measly marigold planted in the middle.  You now have a mulch're gardening mulch.  Plant something, damn it.
Yes, I'm all judgy today. (spellcheck wants to change that to pudgy..nice)

Michael feels this area doesn't need fenced, that the dogs will learn to respect the boundary.

"Oh, so who is training them?" I ask.
He smiles sweetly (oh no) and answers, "You're so incredibly good with them, hon...I just figured...."
  Yeah well, there's this Elsa Peretti necklace I've been wanting.......

Speaking of the dogs, it turns out Irie and I are both allergic to wisteria.  We can't stop sneezing.  We're driving Michael and the boy dogs crazy at night.  *sniffle*sneeze*sniffle*sneeze*
Even Benadryl isn't helping.

Great color, huh? :)

I'm trying to get caught up on blogs, but things are so busycrazy here...I'm reading but not posting much.

Forgot this cutie!