Friday, June 3

Friday babble.

  I had an enormous post raging about the creatures devouring my yard..but..
forget it.
Instead of plotting revenge on groundhogs, we'll continue to groundhog-proof everything.  I'll focus on my project list (ACK!) instead of maniacally reading groundhog recipes.

The deck lounges need a coat of paint.
Can't decide what color to use.  The chairs are very boring..

One of you creative types, help me choose a fun color! It's a pool deck, so it can be as bold as we want.    Michael picked a lot of the plants for around the deck.  If it's neon, he loves it.  The gerberas, dahlias and lantana are all BRIGHT.  I mean wear sunglasses bright.  He's taking an interest in the yard more than ever...sometimes I wonder if this is a good thing ;)

I can't be left to my own devices..look what happened with the garden table:
Friends don't let friends break out Caribbean blue spray paint.

The strawberries ripening against the pretty!
I also realized I need to post an updated garden photo.  New fence, everything is tidy, the beds are full of plants.

I have horrendous guilt because we hired someone to mow/string trim.
We had to make choices with our time, and this was the biggest time, we hired out.
I need to learn that it's ok to hire out for jobs instead of doing everything ourselves.  We would like to spend more time together hiking or just hanging out instead of constantly working.  Michael is gone 10-11 hours a day..we need more down time!
(ok, stop justifying. no one cares.)

I made an attempt to get caught up on blogs..amazing how many posts you get behind when you can't read for a day or so!