Saturday, June 4

Saturday stuff

Random stuff:
  Usually, I don't like covers of my favorite songs (no matter how great the cover, it feels WRONG).
Tab Benoit made me change my mind.  I love Tab, but still, I doubted...
Listen to "These Arms of Mine" and "Nothing Takes the Place of You"
Go now.  I'll wait.
Youtube.  Get moving.

Otis, Toussaint..I'm sorry, guys.  I'm cheating on you.
These covers give me the chills just like the originals.

  I ate cold sesame noodles for dinner.  Finally, a recipe I love.  Michael won't even try them.  I think it's the whole peanut butter on noodle thing that gets him.  I crave cold sesame noodles when it's hot..could live on them during the summer.  Finding a recipe I like was HappyHappy.

~Voodoo just brought me a Chinese menu.  Weird dog.  I think he's reading over my shoulder.

  Michael asked if I thought about getting the Canon I'm coveting. WHAT!?  He's encouraging me to buy a new camera?  I should check his phone records..something is up. ;)

Yard stuff:
The garden fence is done! JOY!
I only had 3 wounds when we's a miracle.

The mowers came last evening..have to finish up today..but as long as I'm not doing the mowing they can take their sweet time.
Something is causing everyone's allergies to go crazy.  The mower guy came to the door with his eyes streaming and sneezing his head off...he asked what on earth was blooming here since nothing bothers him.
See, I said before my property was a portal to Hell.  More proof!

The little fence around the mixed flower bed is getting done today.

I am going to take photos of the yard/garden today...even though the beds need weeded SO badly.  I have to share the Groundhog Destruction with other gardeners.
I haven't gotten one stinking squash yet, but the zucchini has powdery mildew.  Thats just wrong!