Tuesday, June 28

I'm alive..

Ok, alive-ISH.

Sunburned and exhausted and hot and cranky..but, no major injuries! No divorce!
Yay us!

Michael's vacation featured backbreaking labor and ..rain.
I wish I could blame him, but I was right in there adding to the To-Do list.

I haven't picked up the camera in days.
Tomorrow, after a doctors appointment and grocery shopping and a trip to Lowe's and getting the oil changed..I swear I'll get some photos of the progress.

Countdown to Flatlander Arrival is 8 days.  Now it's time to tear the house apart cleaning and organizing.
Not that they care.  As I said, easiest guests ever.
But that's just how I roll.
Tear all the kitchen shelves apart and organize.
Take every book and DVD off the shelves and dust them all.
'Cause you know your guests are checking that stuff. ;)

I know what is on my Girlie Wishlist...a good circular saw.