Friday, June 24

Everyone stop!

143 posts from the blogs I follow!
How 'bout everyone stop long enough for me to catch up?

We're still insanely busy here in the Chaos Household, but looking forward to our week vacation with The Flatlanders (friends from Nebraska)...12 days til they land!

We ran errands today, which meant 6 hours In Public.
I'm going to say it again.  I'm a semi-hermit.
I don't hate people.  I hate crowds of people.
After a certain level of comfort is breached and a certain level of rudeness is reached.. I get a little hostile.
Like a rabid badger.

So an early bedtime for me tonight, with Tension Tamer tea (yeah, it was that bad Out There) and some fun Zombie Lit on my Kindle.

Night All!