Wednesday, June 22


-is Blogger giving me grief again?  I can't attach photos by any method.  I have photos that went along with my "Whys".

- won't Michael try coconut after a 16 year hiatus?  He swears he hates it, but tastes change. Just take a bite of something, dang it!   He said I smelled good after using coconut body butter..I just had to point out it was coconut. HA!

-did I wait till it's 85 degrees with 86% humidity to start tearing off the front porch?
The thermometer registered 115 on the porch (full sun/portal to Hell).

-did Michael get my lawn swing (squee!) and then spend 2 hours in the rain, shirtless, putting it together?  I said it could wait, it was fine, etc.  This made sense, somehow, in his ManBrain.
Now you understand why we need to level the swing!

-are Voodoo and Irie the only dogs that will get their butts out of bed in the morning with me?  Strider and Henry are still in bed...9:36 am! Half the day is gone! ;)

-did I find a Dobson Fly in my dishwater?  I almost had heart failure.
They are giant and terrifying.  The females can draw blood.  They spray you with foul-smelling goo.

I'm out the door to get to work...
The junk guys are finally coming tomorrow.  Need to get the porch finished so we can start rebuilding.
Doing a tiny's just too damned HOT out there unless it's dark and/or winter to enjoy sitting!

Today on the work list:
Gather stuff for junk guys in one easy-to-load spot
Tear off the rest of the porch
Figure out what lumber is needed for new micro-porch
Weed garden
Seed the back yard where brush was cleared
Clear brush from the edge of field