Friday, May 20


I make the fatal mistake of having multiple blogs open, and then bumble the comments I'm leaving.
I loathe that momentary cringe after I click to leave the comment.."Wait..what did I just say!? Oh dear Lord, wrong blog!".
 I spend a few seconds cursing the "waiting for blog owner approval".  No way to delete!
 I've only done this a few times, but oh, the horror.  It's like blurting something completely idiotic, but's there..on the internet..for everyone else who reads that blog.
Do I STOP doing this?  Of course not..God forbid I have to wait an entire 4 seconds for another blog to load!
So yeah, I'm actually reading your blogs (not just making up random comments) and no I'm not insane.  I'm impatient.  And a blog glutton.
Now that I've attempted to explain myself again..I have to apologize.  Photo heavy post ahead!

Michael, Ultimate Husband, suggested we go for ice cream yesterday evening.
I'm guessing this was because when he got home from work, I was staggering across the yard with two, 8ft 4x4 posts, I was covered in dirt (and rage) and was bleeding from a knee and an elbow.

It was Irie and Voodoo's turn to go somewhere...

"ICE CREAM! I LOVE IT! What is it again?"

"Where did he that..could it be..ICE CREAM!"

Baby cone size in a container. The local ice cream spot knows us  too well.

The hard part is keeping Voo's ears out of the dish..he needs a snood.
My public service announcement of the day:
Use dog seat belts or crates in the car..safer for everyone!  The photos above don't show their seat belts, but we use them.  They don't photograph well, and I don't need the ASPCA contacting me about the freak torture harnesses my dogs wear. ;)
Don't wait until the night before a big event to find out if your dog can handle rich treats like ice cream.  Trust me.  Our gang is fine with an occasional small ice cream goodie, but my mom's dog is not.  Sorry, Mom.

Quick drive through the state game lands:

Traffic was heavy.

Turkey girl

Tree swallows have taken over the nest boxes.
I took the other two dogs out while I did a few chores, and then we walked our woods.
My favorite reading spot.

Strider lounges, while Henry keeps an eye on things.

" ice cream? I'll make sure I throw this up later.  Inside."