Thursday, May 19

Chaos gardening

I overcrowd my green beans and peas..and squash..and tomatoes.
  Fine.  I overcrowd everything.
I change my mind 37 times a season and transplant when I'm not supposed to.
The dogs kept drinking my beer traps for the slugs, so I trained the bird dog to look for slugs.
There's a Hillbilly tomato slapped in a bed with peonies and wild phlox..and some roses..and wild delphiniums. And hollyhocks.  I should stop now.
I dig medium sized holes and stuff enormous Hostas into them.
I read "requires loose, fertile soil" and sneer "Welcome to shale and clay.  Live or die, suckers!"..and the plants live.

I have no idea why this works..why we have enormous hauls of vegetables and fruit, robust plants and very few problems.
If a Master Gardener saw my methods, I would get slapped in the mouth.. right before they killed themselves.

At some point my Chaos gardening is going to blow up in my face.
 I see two scenarios happening: every single plant on the property will die at once, or there will be a Great Foliate Uprising and I'll be murdered.

Make me feel better...what's your garden chaos?


House wren eggs!

A few more sky shots from yesterday...

Fog rolling in...