Saturday, May 21


I found two surprise plants while walking around our woods.....

Wild bleeding heart

Bleeding heart found under a fallen hawthorn
These were much better finds than the poison ivy I realized I was kneeling in to get the closeups.
I thought I had washed well enough, but..surprise!  

I didn't.
Forget that Ivy wash stuff. I'm going back to Gram's method.  Scrub down with Dawn dish soap or Fels-Naptha.  I NEVER got poison ivy as a kid..I got scrubbed down when I came inside and my clothes were washed in shaved Fels-Naptha.

  Michael popped up with a great idea for landscaping around the pool, which was a nice surprise.  Usually, that's my department.  (granted, I don't landscape so much as slash back the wild things trying to invade and murder us in our sleep and then stuff plants here and there). 
We have a date tonight..the drive-in is open!  Love our local drive-in.  $6 per person and you get a double feature, they encourage you to bring snacks and drinks (but, oh, their nachos) and..the dogs can go! :D

I started a 6 week boot camp yesterday...a 6 week burn. Ow.
I will be extremely pissed if it's the end of days and I worked out. ;)