Wednesday, May 11

Oh, rage.

Last fall, as instructed by our contractor, we stained/sealed the pool deck.
I did exactly as instructed: first cleaned the deck with some scary ass cleaning stuff that started to melt my flipflops,  rinsed and let dry for the instructed time and then applied the stain/sealant (which was ok for pool deck use).

This spring, I notice that the stain spots and there are very dark spots (almost like I overlapped wet stain onto dry).  I'm at a loss.

After my tantrum, I called the local hardware store guy who tells me, cheerfully, that I should strip it all and start over.  But, he has no idea why X product would do this, so maybe we should hire a professional to do it.  
I am....unhappy.
If this was my fault, I'm perfectly ok with that.  If you see something that screams "she didn't do X", for the love of all things holy, tell me.  If I have to repeat this process more than once, I may go into a Bellini induced coma.
I'm ok with my DIY challenges, especially when it's a new project.  I am not ok with expensive products failing on me!
We had a crazy storm roll through last night.  I checked the weather- Isolated Storms, 10% chance. 
Twenty minutes later the first severe storm warning came in, and they specifically mention the area I live.  
My cabbage seedlings! My young Brussels Sprouts!  The chard just came up!
I started to run out and do something..anything..and the transformer below my house got hit by lightning.
Yeah, sorry garden, you're on your own!  The hail worried me more than anything.
Thank goodness everything seems ok.  Maybe 3 broken cabbage seedlings (out of 2 billion).
Isolated, directly over Sam's house!