Thursday, May 12

Grumble, and a Woo!

Another rainy, stormy day here.  I shot out early this morning and did some weeding, played with the dogs and starting digging another raspberry bed.  Those 11 raspberries we bought? I have no clue what we were thinking with the first bed, but we were short about oh..I dunno..9 feet.  Brilliant.
Finally got that resolved, raspberries please forgive me!

I am shopping for blinds or curtains..some type of window covering for privacy.  Usually, it isn't needed.  We're surrounded by woods.

Last night, I'm finishing up in the kitchen/chatting with Michael when we see a flashlight bobbing across the back yard and all hell breaks loose with the dogs.
We ran out and quieted the dogs..the *intruder* was my weirdo 19-20 yr old neighbor guy.   Aside from having numerous no trespassing signs, he KNOWS we have 2 large dogs (aside from the 50 and 20 pounders).
He wanted to shave a few minutes walking by cutting across our yard and woods.
Not only no, but hell no.

I'm territorial.  I admit it.

I'm neighborly, when someone is respectful.  Need sugar, help tilling, a ride to the store? I'm your girl.
If you want to walk across my property..ASK! Otherwise, you're trespassing and that makes me hostile.
For your own safety, don't assume someone has their dog restrained by fence or tether.
(This is a whole 'nother PSA/gripe: dog safety).
I was calm and polite when I asked him to respect the signs, but he behaved as if I set the dogs on him and chased him with a bat (tempting, but I refrained).  The nerve of acting upset that my dogs barked and we ran out...  *snort*
I would love to fence our entire property with 15 foot wrought iron.
And a moat.
A moat with gators.
But, you know some muffinhead would get mauled by gators and fall off the 15 foot fence.. and sue me. ;)

(That whole giant long rambling grumble to tell you- that's why I want a window covering.)

Not that we're doing warped, illegal things in my kitchen...really.  But, I want to feel comfortable should we want to.  So, window covering it is.  The wooden blinds I looove ..$89?!  Ack.

Michael has a 3 day weekend! WOO! :)
We're running errands tonight so we can stay home for three days. Love it!
Well, one trip to the greenhouse tomorrow. Oh, torture!  Poor me.  I suffer so.
The greenhouse is located on the backwaters of the Ohio River...lots of birding potential.  I'm taking the camera, so hopefully the Bald Eagles don't catch wind of this and hide from me again.  

Very few birds out today...I think the roiling black skies have something to do with that!

They have a real birdbath, but prefer the falling apart clay saucer. Funny birds!