Saturday, May 14

Catch up

Blogger is still being a pain in my rear...hoping we get through this post!

Michael had a 3 day weekend, so we assumed we could get a ton of the yard work done.
Then, for 2 days, we had a series of these:
blurry, because my hands shook!

Pretty pink lightning

What's that saying?  Red sky at night, sailor's delight...
green sky at midday, pee your pants and stress eat 2 cupcakes?

In between storms, I flew out and transplanted the rosemary and sage into their new REALLY BRIGHT pots.  The stampeding creeping thyme still needs a new pot. I would plant it in the ground of I thought I could control it.  No chance. It's like a plague.

Squirrel and I need to have words about untying the feeder.  I'll have to use zip ties (the last one she chewed through)

Got two roses transplanted, hauled more potting soil from shed to garden, yanked more buttercups out of the garden and then...

That was 4 pm and not black & white.  Batten down the hatches.  Again.

But, after all the storms...

And now the wild crabapples are in full bloom:

They are everywhere on the property, and SO gorgeous!

It's raining again...shocker there..but that's ok.
We're off to the greenhouse (taking the camera in case the eagles are out and about!!) and then Michael- Ultimate Husband is taking me to lunch.
 Cross your fingers the birds are out and about on the backwaters of the Ohio river...
Enjoy your Saturday!