Tuesday, May 10

Glamor, baby.

  While Michael saunters off to a world of ironed clothing and polished shoes, this diva gets to crawl under the house into the spider infested crawlspace and repair a waste water pipe (praise the gods it's from the kitchen sink and not a septic line, though I've been there).
We were having coffee on the front porch, listening to the calming sound of birds and running water...wait...why the hell do we hear running water?

~ Ladies, take a lesson.  Do not get offended when someone suggests you hire out for certain jobs.  Do not proclaim you can handle simple plumbing, even with your "tiny female brain".
Bat your effing eyelashes and agree you are, in fact, too delicate to handle such chores.
Or, demand equality and stuff your dumb ass into a crawl space...next time, I know what I'm doing.

I tried it this morning.
Michael: You asked for a chainsaw for Valentine's Day.  You don't get to bat your eyelashes.
Me: Yes, I do.  I'm multi-faceted.  There are many sides to me...don't try to define me..don't try to-
Michael: Ok, fine.  You're multi-whatevered.  Fix the pipe and I'll agree to go camping this weekend, even though it's going to be cold and rainy.
*Michael's cold and rainy is 55 overnight and 20% chance of showers.

Love.  It's all about the negotiation. :D

Next on my glamor list?  Hauling a pickup truck load of extremely fresh horse manure to the far end of the property.  My awesome neighbor showed up this morning with a grin and a truck full of manure (why do people keep gifting me with..poop?!).
We were chatting at the grocery store about compost, he mentioned he would hook me up next spring.  I was happy with more composted manure..not very fresh, very fragrant manure.  Even my dogs looked repulsed.  It's very warm and very sunny.  Gag.

I know..you're full of envy.  Crawlspace AND fresh manure in one day!

This is an odd pic, but I still like it

Some people are creeped out by our front porch cemetery view...