Monday, May 9

Crossley review, and what fern?

I received my Crossley ID Guide last week..
I spent a good two hours just flipping pages and comparing it to my other guides.
A week in, and I say..get it.  LOVE it.
Every guide lacks something, so I think a good library of ID books is important.
 My go-to book is still the National Wildlife Federation field guide.  It fits in my backpack while hiking (don't try this with the Crossley, you'll herniate something), and so far I've been able to ID any bird I've seen.
I'm always building the birding library, so please feel free to post your recommendations.

I can't decide what fern this is!
It popped up near the house, in an area that gets a lot of sun.  Dry, shale soil.
Help, before I make myself crazy.  I find myself hanging out the window, staring at this's not healthy.

The stems are quite red and smooth.
I know the photos aren't great, but bear with me.  It's Aspen season and I'm either blinded by allergies or blinded by allergy meds.

OH!  Houston, we have cabbage.  My cabbage seedlings are growing like crazy.  I'm so happy!
The beets I decided to start indoors are sprouting, the outside beets are not.  Either way, we should have SOME beet harvest this year.