Sunday, May 8

Happy Maternal Instinct Day

"Happy Maternal Instinct Day! Thanks for mothering all of us (and for not eating our young)".
That was my card from Michael.  I couldn't stop laughing all morning.
We don't have kids, but celebrate Mother and Fathers's a good excuse to do something special for each other and say it's "from the dogs and cats".
My younger brother is coming to visit and make dinner for our mom, and then we're heading for her house.
Can you see the little white blob in the photo?  It's Aspen time...time for the yard to be covered in white fuzz.  Time for me to double up on my Claritin.

I'm not the only one with bedhead.  Poor Voodoo.

Tell me this Eastern Towhee doesn't look a little crazy...

Tufted titmouse making use of Irie's undercoat.
Glad Akita fur is useful to someone!

 Happy Mom's Day to all the good mamas out there!