Monday, April 25

Plans, head wounds

It was gorgeous this morning.  62 and the sun was peeking through the clouds.  I took a notebook and pen and walked the property.. making lists of things I wanted to do, what we needed to buy and what could be reused.  I found a can of raspberry outdoor paint.  I'm painting the raised beds!  I need some extra color in these gray days.  Well, I'll paint the raised beds once it stops raining (not in the next 15 days according to the long range forecast).
I'm 0 for 2 on preventing head wounds today.  Both times were my stupidity.  I leaned the shovel against a tree, thinking "Gee, I hope that doesn't fall over while I'm on my knees.".  Yeah.
 (I did get the hostas thinned out in the shade bed and replanted elsewhere).
The second head wound was caused by changing sheets.  I looked up to make sure I wasn't going to brain myself on the shelf by Michael's side of the bed...and smacked my head into the corner of said shelf.

This is the reason I ate a spoonful of organic crunchy peanut butter on a square of organic chocolate for lunch.

Now it's pouring...severe storms predicted for today and tomorrow.
I'm using the last of my frozen tomatoes & tomato puree to make pasta sauce.  Spaghetti and meatballs for dinner.
A few shots from this morning:

Why is he standing in the wheelbarrow? NO idea.