Tuesday, April 26

After the rain..

comes..well..more freaking rain.  We're starting to mildew.  Beautiful skies, though......

I have 400 lbs of organic garden soil to move across 1.5 hilly acres and my wheelbarrow keeps sliding in the bog that was once lawn.  I would like to wear flipflops instead of muck boots.
The grass is so tall I think we have velociraptors.  (What cracks me up about that scene? The guy screaming "Don't run into the long grass!" while running into the long grass).
Bitch bitch, whine whine.  I'm grateful we're not in a flood zone.  I'm grateful we're on a hillside..we've got SOME water draining away.  My apologies to the people in the valley below me.

In honor of all the rain, I'm rereading The Conqueror Worms by Brain Keene.  Creepy fun!