Wednesday, April 27


Hindsight.  That unique combo of "You could not have made this harder if you tried" and "You're a complete moron".

  Last year when we put the fence in around the raised beds, we decided to use weed blocking fabric around all the beds and cover them with a thin layer of mulch.
"Should we use those fabric pins to hold down the fabric?", Michael asked.
I said, "Nah, I'm sure the mulch will do just fine."  Plus a few large, flat rocks scattered here and there.
Guess who spent 3 hours yesterday scraping away mulch, finding the seams and pounding 75 5 inch pins into the rocky ground? AND I still had to order more fabric pins (thank you, Amazon Prime, for always having my back).
Guess who was stubborn enough to NOT wear gloves (because she couldn't easily pick up the pins with gloves on) and refused to stop even though we had 50 mph winds, and she had mulch shrapnel flying into her face every few minutes?  Guess who spent 20 minutes picking tiny splinters out of her hands?
This gal!

I needed to top off the raised beds with new soil mix and amend the soil in a few places for new plantings.
Michael brought home 400 lbs of organic soil and other goodies.
He asked if I wanted him to cover the bags in case it rained.
"Nahhh...not supposed to rain overnight.  They'll be ok!" I said.
I chose to tackle this task before Michael woke up.  I'm strong and vaguely fit! I don't need help, right?
400 lbs of soil.  Water weighs roughly 8lbs per gallon.   It rained for 8 hours that night.
17,235 lbs of soggy dirt hauling later  (I might be exaggerating slightly) and I started to mix the new soil/etc into the beds.
50 mph winds, remember?  The soil dried out FAST and started hurling debris into my hair, eyes and mouth.  Did I stop? Nope.
I can be such a bonehead.  This isn't tenacity, it's boneheadedness.  A terminal case.

Peach blossoms!

Love these Hostas and their odd checkerboard texture when leafed out

Not a good helper.
Sorry for the pic quality...apparently my kitchen window needs cleaned.  I love how the groundhog and crows share lunch every day.

Michael retains his title of Ultimate Husband because he didn't say one single word during all this.  Not a hint of I Told You So.
Also, he secretly ordered the really thin, super pliable, really expensive leather gloves I have been drooling over for weeks.
I woke up this morning to find the printed receipt (with a smiley face drawn in a heart) and some really good chocolate by my coffee pot.
Ultimate Husband? Hell, yeah!
There are many reasons he gets breakfast in bed on the mornings he's home.