Sunday, April 24

Grosbeaks on Easter

Michael and I went through a few years of feeling off because we don't celebrate Easter like most of our kids, no big family dinners, etc.
Today, we went for a drive, ran to the store (the need for cat litter respects NO holiday) and had takeout for lunch.  We played with the dogs, read for a bit, walked the property and made plans.
We're making pizza for dinner.  We're happy with our Easters now...look forward to them.  I also have to laugh a little (not unkindly) at our married-with-kids friends who envy our quiet holiday at home.  I do miss big family dinners with all of my cousins swarming around, but I very much appreciate my life as is.

The Rose-breasted Grosbeaks are back!  I didn't see them last summer and I worried we lost them as summer residents.  I couldn't be happier!