Saturday, April 23

Peach blossoms, bootcamp

Rain again.  Shock!
It was really warm, though..72 degrees most of the day.
The old peach tree is getting ready to bloom!  Every year we get a ton of small peaches, but they are absolutely delicious.  My Gram planted this tree about 40 years ago, never expecting it to grow on the edge of the woods (someone gave her a tiny, half dead peach tree..she humored them and planted it there.  The tree thrived.)
  It's a mess, but if anyone tries to prune it I'm taking them down.  I figure at this point the old girl can grow and produce however she damn well pleases.  We're happy with 3 billion tiny peaches.

The little buck on the right had a horrible wound on his side.  It appears to be healing just fine.
I cleared brush today. The cutting is ok, but I hate to drag brush.  Hawthorns fight back.  I left a lot of the thicket for the birds and other wildlife.

Dragging brush makes me appreciate bootcamp (exercise, not military, mind you).  I started a new bootcamp last week.  Now that I can stand up without my thighs staging a revolution, and can lift my arms, I'm enjoying exercise again.  It's fast and intense.  I don't mind strength training or core work, but I loathe cardio unless I'm hiking or swimming.

 While cleaning out the fridge this morning (to find crow food), I noticed Henry had found a seat.  Rude little dog.  He's most certainly not allowed to sit at the butchers block while ANY food is out (he's a pig), nor is he allowed to sit on a bar stool.  Too high for short dogs with back problems.

Speaking of pigs...
Might have to enlarge the pic to see the Goldfinch horde..and that isn't nearly all of them

"...and the American Goldfinches shall inherit the earth"