Wednesday, March 23

Clothes, a wishlist and porch drama

Granted, I pretty much exist in these or these (and never full price!), paired with various Ts and long sleeve Ts and hoodies. Add layers depending on temp. Matching is only needed if I'm headed off the hill to be In Public.
I realized I may need some new *real* clothing for whatever work related crap I have to endure with Michael.
So..I started browsing.
Lots of floral patterns.
Lots of ruffles.
Not everyone is 6ft tall and 102 lbs, and ruffled floral will make my ..ah.. robust form look like a badly upholstered sofa.  Damn it.
My garden wishlist:
I found most of it at Gardener's Supply, but will be shopping locally as much as possible.
For the anti-perv plantings around the pool
I love these!  I've got the purple 11 gallon..I want lilac and pistachio in the other sizes.
I found my replacement garden cart
This pound-in edging is great stuff.  Even I can't break it!
My front porch needs replaced.  Joyous.