Monday, May 3

Weekend stuff- @#$% garden

We had grand plans this weekend...remove the remaining growing mix from raised beds, get the garden fencing up, get the antenna installed*, move the raised beds where I want them and fill with growing mix (no soil).

Yeah..not so much.  We got the growing mix out, moved the raised beds and raked up/redistributed the mulch and got the poles set.  We had to dig 20 post holes with a regular post hole digger.  By hole 2, we were ready to ditch the project and eat canned vegetables.
The posts are set in concrete and we're ready to start stretching fence. I like stretching fence, so that job will go quickly!

We got as far as digging the hole for the antenna when the first enormous bolt of lightning ripped across the sky.  Michael suggested we put down the 15 foot metal pole and finish that job later.  Good call!  It stormed the rest of the day.

I'm not complaining about the weekend or the amount of labor..we had a GOOD weekend together. 
I've learned to keep my mouth shut and let Michael take over.  He works smart and fast.  I get spastic and fuss over details.
We had a weekend of good exercise, good food and outside time with the dogs. Can't complain about that!
Ok, wait...yes I can.  Why in hell did Michael get a rub down with Badger Balm and I didn't?! He passed out and left me hanging.

 Glorious muscle rub, how we love thee.

 My bastardized version of braciole (Friday's dinner)...I could just eat the filling and be a happy camper. 

*rant: we live in the middle of nowhere and can't get cable, therefore no local stations.  Cable company says sure they can run cable here, for roughly $7000.  Satellite company says no, you can't have local stations because you could get cable if you wanted it. Kiss my ass?  So now I am stuck with a 15 foot pole with an alien contraption on my yard.  Attractive.  Very WV Chic!