Thursday, April 29

DIY tip & my favorite burgers

DIY tip:
When replacing glass in a window, keep your mouth closed.
Or wear one of those face shield things welders wear.
Mmm.  Glass fragments, the breakfast of champions (or morons).

My absolute favorite burger.
Ok, one of my favorite burgers.
Not. A. Health. Food.

Toasted ciabatta, mushrooms, creamy Fontina cheese and the ONLY reason I don't petition to ban red onions...caramelized red onion jam. 

                   The only good red onion has been reduced from this mess to sweet, sticky, caramelized jam.

Every year I wait for the Brown Thrashers to arrive.  I love them. 
For about a week.
We have a smart ass Thrasher who sings right outside the window at all hours.
"Shy and skulking" says the bird book. Ha!

I've been reduced to being a maniac who screams "SHUT UP I AM ON THE PHONE!" a bird.