Monday, May 24

...annnnd I'm back

Kind of.

Every spare moment has been spent working outside, or sitting on the couch feeling sorry for myself.
I've been feeling like death, with a side of plague, but I'm on the mend now.
It has been busy busy season.
Helluva time to get sick.

The dogs/cats are doing well, Michael is doing well and I'm feeling more human.  The back yard looks very pretty, even with the crazy job we did on the fence. 
My chainsaw is home! YAY!  It needed some repair and a tuneup.  I think we're taking down a few dead pines this weekend- I LOVE to drop trees.  I hate dragging the limbs afterward, but it is satisfying work. You feel like you've really worked and have immediate visual gratification.
The big pine by the power line...eek...that will be a tree I pay to have removed. I don't want to be the woman calling the power company to say "Gee, guys, I don't know what happened!".

Enough for now!