Wednesday, June 18

I hate..

Commercials related to gardening.

Perfectly clean people, without a drop of sweat, gently messing about their lush oasis.


I don't know one person on Earth that looks like that after working in the garden!
Show me a filthy, sweaty person, spewing profanity.. I'll run like hell to buy your MiracleWeedBeGoneMegaVegAndBloom.
Show me someone with dirt-stained knees (which won't go away until you grow new skin).

Show me someone who may or may not have forgotten their gloves and just pulled up a "I think that was highly toxic and oh shit, I just wiped my mouth!".

Show me someone who gives up and chops their nails to painfully short lengths because no matter what, they can't keep the garden soil cleaned from under their nails.

Or maybe that's all just me. 
God, I hope not!