Sunday, June 15

Hip hop abs..or, how I nearly died

It wasn't Hip Hop Abs' fault.
It was Voodoo's. Death by setter.
I got a free copy of HHA with my ShakeO kit.
OK, you know I'm always up for a challenge...this is probably why I won't see 40.
I watched the basic section, where we learn to Tilt, Tuck, Tighten. Seems simple enough so here we go!
I was following along fairly well, a minor miracle for me, when a certain Voo decided to break his stay and flop down right behind me.
I didn't step on him, thank God, but.. WTH dog! Really?!
Do you have a death wish!?
For revenge, I'm making him advertise HHA while holding his down/stay.
So there!
Voo is no way endorses Shaun T or Hip Hop Abs. He says it makes uncoordinated white chicks fall from the sky