Wednesday, June 4

Confession, and (kinda sorta) product review- Shakeology

A friend is a Beachbody coach. She's been using Shakeology, and loves it.
She gave me some samples to try.
  Now, I'm a foodie. And a hedonist.
If it doesn't taste good, forget it. I'll never stick with it. I don't care what the benefits are, I'm not drinking/eating Things That Taste Bad.

I have a terrible habit of not eating until 2pm or later, and then... I rampage the village, eating everything in my path.
It's like.. Godzilla on a strict diet, with PMS.
Yesterday, I mixed up a Chocolate Shakeology shake (sneering all the while).
I was determined to HATE this. I do not know WHY. I even used water (on the directions, so I was being kind of fair).
While it may not be the chocolate shake of my dreams, it's entirely doable. Very filling, no fake sweetener aftertaste.
Score 1 for Shakeology.
4 hours later, during my normal Godzilla phase, I didn't feel like snacking. At all.
I didn't even want iced coffee. WTF is in that stuff?! Mind control herbs??
Score 2. Dammit.

I made a shake for breakfast, and we'll see how that goes with the Godzilla Factor later today.
The strawberry is quite pleasant, and not violently pink like I expect from strawberry flavored products.
Skim milk, ice and a couple fresh berries went in this glass. Pretty tasty!
I'll report in later, when I can give longer term results. That's why this is a kindasorta review ;)
NO idea why I was so determined to dislike this stuff! I've never heard anything negative about it, and have never tasted it before yesterday.
Rational, I am not.