Tuesday, June 3

Babbling (big shock, right?)

There's a robin nest just behind the garden..
I've been stuffing myself in the Mock Orange where the nest is located, and thank baby J the Robins aren't ripping my face off.
Yesterday, FINALLY, we have BAAAAABIES!

I tend to get this expression on my face when there are birds involved. My *demented with joy* face. Please note Michael looks like he wants to kill me.
I wouldn't hold still for a pic.  We were at the national aviary, for God's sake! I couldn't hold still!!!

The storms are beating up my poor peonies, but they are still stunners. This plant came to me from my mom, who got it from my grandmother.  I love growing plants with history :)

I'm off to mix up a Shakeology shake, as promised to a dear friend.  I have a terrible habit of not eating until dinner....
and then I tend to eat everything in my path.
I'll be posting a review of Shakeology soon.  Cross your fingers.

I warned you this was a Babble post! ;)