Wednesday, December 4

Things to do with a box- DogBlog!

I have several "game for games" dogs, and one of them being a complete spastic mess as seen here.

Big, empty box, treats and some time to kill (and dog brains to wear out).

We treat for ANY behavior offered. This is all for fun, which IS training, and not teaching a specific behavior (which we also make FUN).

I crack up, the dogs tire themselves out while having a blast. Win all the way!

"You are slightly ridiculous, Human"

I do believe he's making faces

Strider, want to play!?
"Oh HELL no"

Draped over the box. Supercute.

And then shit went totally downhill and Voo went crazy, knocking an ottoman onto the Akita, and smashing the box...thus ending Things To Do With A Box.

I stopped mid-post to take the dogs out...and scoop the yard. Gross, but something you have to do as a dog owner.
Might I recommend my fave cleanup tool?

Since I am so classy, I refer to this as the Shit Claw. I know. Class.
This and a lidded 5 gallon bucket.  
I tried the little rake and scoop combo, but it's a pain to carry 3 items around the property. 
Bucket in one hand, ShitClaw in the other. That, and easy to clean boots.
If someone out there wants to send those boots, in green, size 9, for me to review.. I will selflessly devote the time and energy to do so.  ;)