Tuesday, December 3

Blog babble

Browsing my blog stats this morning, I find the search terms that are sending people to my blog:

Chaos (obvious), dog chaos (ok, again), sharpest thing on earth (!?), guard crows, and baby garter snakes, The most confusing one "making marriage work"
When the HELL do I blog about that? 
No offense, babe. You know I adore you to the core of your being, but what I know about MAKING this work can be written on a TicTac.  I'm just winging it. ;)

The "guard crows" amuses me greatly.  We do have a murder of crows that hang out close to home, and beg for table scraps. Crows chase hawks/owls, hawks/owls eat songbirds.  They are hired help.
But.....do other people do this? Why are people looking for guard crows???

The guard crows, having dinner with the deer.  The crow has..pizza.  
Crows love caaaarbs.

Speaking of bloggy things...
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