Monday, October 17

Sunday recap

All over the place..........

We hiked yesterday.  After a few so-so photos, I tossed the camera in the car before we hit real trails.  The wind was insane..loved it..but the damned camera was banging around on my chest and driving me nuts (the cheapie lightweight Kodak).
HA, Greg! No polarizer! I'm a rebel!
..and the polarizer doesn't fit this camera.
And um...I don't know where I put the polarizer.

Michael, trying to pretend he's enjoying the wind. Instead, he was disgusted by the dry goose poop flying at him.

Look closely..there are two round black "eyeball" looking things.  It's driving me crazy wondering what they are.

There was a family fishing along the lake..driving me nuts with their noise.
Then I felt like a jerk, as the 10-ish year old son just had to tell us he caught his first fish.
I remember the excitement of my first fish.
And really..I'm 35 years old and have a spontaneous HappyDance.  I do this dance anywhere.
Can't really say anything about a 10 year old's glee ;)
Plus, the mom said my dogs were "the most gorgeous, well-behaved dogs I've ever seen!"
I can forgive anything if you compliment my dogs.

I made Jean's bird cake recipe this weekend.  The birds are going crazy over it.
I decided to use my 1 inch mini muffin hanging suet log has 1 inch holes.  The cakes pop right in.
Well, the second batch did, when I cut strips of wax paper and placed them in the muffin tin. Make sure you have enough paper left for handles, and those suckers pop right out.
The first batch looked like it was savaged by a badger. 

Our sassafras leaves are gone now..gorgeous while they lasted.

Scary. Freaking. House.
This was a dairy when I was little..we got our milk and eggs here.
Had no idea terrible things were happening in this place.
Apparently, I was raised on fresh milk..and horror!

Neighbor across the their farm!

Driving to "town".  

I need to get up and moving...clearing out the spare bedroom..
I would rather be in the woods.